About Us

Our Vision

To change the lives of those suffering from substance use disorders and other mental health diseases.

Our Mission

To propel innovative biomedical discoveries into next-generation neurotherapeutics.

Our Partners

We engage academic institutions, private companies, foundations, and publicly funded government agencies to create an accelerated pipeline for promising therapeutics that lead to FDA approvals.

  • Wake Forest Center for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship
  • Center for the Neurobiology of Addiction Treatment (CNAT)
  • Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
  • The Neuro Startup Challenge
  • Flywheel Coworking

Our History

Four graduate students, Omeed Rahimi, Ayana Martin, Bradley Keegan, and Aaron Lazarus came together in September 2014 to learn more about biotechnology, drug development, and entrepreneurship in the Neuro Startup Challenge sponsored by NIH. Finalist in the competitions, the core team with its three advisors, Robert Anderson, Peter Sheldrake, and Jessica Beaver, EncepHeal began a transition from an academic project to a company focussed on the great but unmet need to address substance abuse. The team saw the opportunity to provide a viable solution and to offer hope to the many patients that were without effective medications. 

Omeed Rahimi, Ayana Martin, Bradley Keegan, and Aaron Lazarus became the initial management team of the company with Robert Anderson, Peter Sheldrake, and Jessica Beaver forming the initial advisory board. These founders were responsible for the overall vision, mission, and values of EncepHeal. The management team transitioned with several personnel changes, most notably with the addition of Steven Childers, who was appointed Chief Research Officer. Initial capital was raised, enabling the initial phase of drug development research.  Encepheal continues to hold to the values established at its founding and ultimately provide hope to millions suffering from substance use disorders, currently without any effective treatment available.